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With thousands of colleges worldwide, how does a student decide where to apply? 

There are many factors to consider – location, size, residential options, student body, religious background  and academic offerings, for instance. 

But when a teenager looks for colleges with a specific major in mind, what  led him/her to select that major in the first place? 

As a high school student , it is hard to know what one wants to study and which career to pursue. In some cases, a student decides to follow in the footsteps of a parent or a favorite media character. Ma ny students on the other hand, seek a broad-based education without knowing how it could connect with their life and work post-graduation.

We keep in mind that college truly is about personal development and acquiring a broad-based education, not just about getting a high-paying job afterwards. 
But with that thought in mind, we push for more and earlier career counselling for our teens. They need exposure to the myriad of occupational options before them. 

EDUFORN'S efficient team helps the students to choose the best college according to their personalities and abilities, likes and dislikes  and how those would fit with various career paths. If this education and self-reflection is done through us, they will have their college search process more focused. 
The chaos of choosing amongst  thousands of colleges can be reduced when one knows what one is looking for.
Calm confidence and focused ambition will serve our students very well when they will apply  and begin their college degrees  with our complete guidance and support. 

In order to serve you the best, we will develop your academic professional & social profile in a required manner to help you select the best course according of your interests.