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There are some distinct advantages of international education. The course content in international universities is modern, get amazing research facilities, and the chance to be employed overseas. Students get the opportunity to experience another country's culture. The admission process to foreign universities is complex. Study abroad consultancy in Delhi will guide students through the process. We offer a range of services from evaluating the student profile to helping them with the visa paperwork.

Before you choose your university, you need to know what you want to do. Our counselors guide students to find a solution that is suited to the student profile. We offer our advice based on the student’s ability, goals, and skills.

Students interested in study abroad in Delhi will need to shortlist the colleges they want to apply to. Education foreign is a premier study abroad consultancy in Delhi we help students shortlist the universities based on their course preference and aptitude. We help students find the right course, country, and university. Our counselors are experienced in the admission process across universities and countries.

We are the best study abroad consultancy in Delhi. We help students review and process the applications. We ensure the application is well presented and without errors. We make certain, all documents are attested and complete. Our counselors help students with university essays and recommendation letters. We try to ensure students wanting to study abroad in Delhi get admitted to their dream university.

We assist the student interested in study abroad in Delhi in the visa application and visa interview process. A study abroad consultancy in Delhi reviews the visa paperwork to ensure the visa is not rejected or delayed. The mock visa interview help student feel confident.

Financing foreign education is expensive. We help students secure student loans. We help students interested in study abroad identify suitable banks for a student loan.

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a grading system to evaluate a person English language skill. The IELTS is an English language fluency test. IELTS is accepted by the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Some universities in the US accept IELTS scores.

The exam tests your ability to read, write, listen and speak English. If you plan to live or study in an English-speaking county, you need to communicate in English. Universities have different IELTS score criteria. Students interested in clearing the exams can come to Delhi. IELTS in Delhi offers several advantages. It is a center of learning with several leading universities and coaching centers. The competitive atmosphere pushes students to excel. IELTS preparation in Delhi can give students a distinct edge.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city will help students preparing for the IELTS in Delhi. Several coaching centers can help students in their IELTS Preparation in Delhi. You can choose the best centers for IELTS preparations in Delhi with the simple tips:-

  • Reading the testimonials of students.
  • Is the course expensive? Are the fees are refundable?
  • Is the faculty qualified?
  • The study material should be comprehensive.
  • Conveniently located coaching center
  • Check out the past results of the coaching center.