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Financial Assistance

Wondering how are you going to finance your education abroad? Looking for financial assistance and student loans to study abroad? We’ll help you find a financial option that works best for you. 

Finance plays an incredible role in abroad education . The plenty of financial options for the students which are easy accessible, are brought before by Eduforn to help you achieve your dream journey.

We all know that studying abroad is a very expensive process. The cost involves not only the university’s fees, but also living expenses. When you decide to apply for abroad studies, you must pay, as much attention to how will you finance your education abroad as you do to your application. Everyone, even students who can afford the expenses, need financial assistance. When a  student is applying for a student visa, he/she is required to show evidence of possessing adequate funds to cover at least the first year of their college education. 


As scholarship options are extremely competitive, several banks offer loans to students to study abroad. Generally if a student gets an admission offer from a top university, the loan may be sanctioned without the requirement of a co-signer based in the country where the University is established. In other situations, the financial institutions and banks require a home country based co-signer or a co-signer residing in the country where you intend to go.

Student loans are offered under certain terms and conditions and definitely under a set scheme of interest. Indian banks offer student loans for studying abroad on a confirmed admission to a foreign university for full-time courses (that is, loans are not offered for correspondence courses). Banks consider a student’s past academic record and offer the loan only if they find it satisfactory. All these conditions for financing education apply generally, but in the end, each bank follows its own scheme.

EDUFORN  offers Financial Counselling services that can help you identify the best bank loan to suit both your financial situation &  your educational needs.